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Benavidez vs Plant, Ramirez vs Commey, Estrada vs Rupprecht, and MORE Boxing Today

Today in the boxing world we have tons of high level action to watch all across multiple platforms. On Showtime PPV we have David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant in a crossroads match. If Benavidez wins, a mega fight with Canelo Alvarez is maybe next. If Plant wins, he comes back in style from being styled on by Canelo. Plus Joey Spencer being fed to the wolves perhaps against heavy handed Jesus Ramos, Chris Colbert in a comeback fight against tough Jose Valenzuela, and Abel Ramos vs Cody Crowley.

Next we have on ESPN: Jose Ramirez vs Richard Commey in a battle for relevance at the top of the junior welterweight division and P4P potential queen Seniesa Estrada, who hasn't been pushed that much from new promoter Top Rank. Who do you think will win big this weekend and who will be next in line for the Canelo Alvarez sweepstakes?


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